Why did the ISIS attack Kobanê?


By Hakkı Yükselen - IDP - Turkey"Estamos en contra de todo tipo de intervenciones imperialistas no importa cuales son, o podrían ser sus razones. Incluso si el objetivo es destruir ISIS"

There is not an easy explanation for it. The answer could be the following if we were to disregard the much deeper strategic, political and "divine" reasons: to unite the ISIS-dominated areas by capturing the Rojava (West Kurdistan in Kurdish, Kurdistan of Syria)cantons, which constitute a physical disconnection between these areas — the districts and the cities in the north; and to get to Aleppo, the economic centre of Syria, from the north by capturing the westernmost Afrin after Kobanê. Yet another motive could be to capture Cizre that is located at the far east of Syria and that has an important oil field (Rimela), which would allow ISIS to both get all the oil fields under its dominance and toguarantee a continuous supply of military, organizational and logistic needs as the entire border with the Republic of Turkey would then be under their control.

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Stop US attacks on Iraq and Syria!


Only the people can defeat ISIS and end with these hated regimes!Only the people can defeat ISIS and end with these hated regimes!

Since some weeks ago the government of the US, by order of Obama, has started a military intervention on Iraq bombing zones occupied by the so-called Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) with the argument of "protecting US Citizens" and to develop "humanitarian actions" defending the Christian and Yazidi communities threatened by ISIS. Now Obama announces he would proceed with a possible bombing of Syria, in agreement with the dictator Bashar al-Assad, with the same argument of "the battle against terrorism".

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The cost of neoliberalism:Soma massacre in Turkey



Workers' Democracy Party, 17 May 2014

On Tuesday, May 13, hundreds of miners got trapped underground following a fire at a coalmine belonging to Soma Holding in Soma, a small town of 100,000 inhabitants in the city of Manisa in western Turkey, whose economy is primarily based on the mining industry. The rescue operation came to an end as of Saturday, May 17, and Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yıldız declared the final death toll to be 301 miners.

Even though the rescue operation ended, the fact that there are dozens of mining families who are still waiting in front of the mine or the hospital morgue with the hope to get information about their missing ones says otherwise. The contradiction between the official number of deaths declared by the government and the number of miners that are still missing suggests that the actual death toll reaches up to over 400 miners and that Minister Yildiz minimizes the number in order to cover up the actual gravity of the disaster. This only points out to the presence of temporary and subcontracted workers, who had been illegally employed by Soma Holding in the mine, during the disaster.

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Calling to the Unification Congress IWU–FI and ILC (IDP-LI)


Calling to the Unification Congress of IWU-FI and CEI (IDP/LI)The International Workers Unity – Fourth International (IWU–FI) and the International Liaison Committee (İşçi Demokrasisi Partisi, IDP and Lucha Internacionalista, LI) decided to unify. To do so we convened a conference in early August 2014. It will also feature the incorporation of the Partido Obrero Socialista–Movimiento al Socialismo (POS –MAS) of Mexico. This unity of forces is the result of of building a common response to the main problems of the international class struggle.

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Egypt: Repudiate the death sentences of 529 political prisoners!


On March 24 the aberrant sentence of an Egyptian court was confirmed, giving the death penalty to 529 political activists of the Muslim Brotherhood.On March 24 the aberrant sentence of an Egyptian court was confirmed, giving the death penalty to 529 political activists of the Muslim Brotherhood. In a "lightning" kangaroo trial, demanded by the Egyptian military government, this court produces the biggest Egyptian capital punishment in modern times, and of the entire world in recent times. The repression is not only against the organization of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) but also dozens of activists on the left are being tried.

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Statement on Ukraine by the UIT-CI - March 6, 2014


Out with Russian military intervention! No to the referendum trying to annex Crimea! Neither Russia nor the EU will be a solution for the Ukrainian people! No to the adjustment prepared by the EU-IMF-Obama!Out with Russian military intervention! No to the referendum trying to annex Crimea! Neither Russia nor the EU will be a solution for the Ukrainian people! No to the adjustment prepared by the EU-IMF-Obama!

1. After the popular revolt that toppled the reactionary and repressive pro-Russian government of Yanukovych, Russia under the mandate of President Putin, has intervened militarily the Crimea region, under the false pretext of "humanitarian defence" of Russian citizens. The pro Yanukovich regional government has called for a referendum, with the support of Russian troops and paramilitaries, for March 16 in order to annex Crimea to the Russian Federation. There is no humanitarian defence or a fair claim to self-determination, but rather that Putin seeks to divide Ukraine to put a wedge in the process of mass rebellion, to hold its important naval base of its war fleet in Sevastopol, with over 13 thousand soldiers, and defend the business of the Russian mafia entrepreneurs. This is why we call to reject such intervention and the attempt to annex Crimea. There were already demonstrations in Moscow against Russian military intervention that were repressed.

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Ukraine: a revolutionary triumph of the masses


With the fall and flight from the country of President Viktor Yanukovych a great revolutionary mass mobilization has triumphedBy Miguel Lamas, International Correspondence magazine, UIT-CI . 4/3/2014

With the fall and flight from the country of President Viktor Yanukovych a great revolutionary mass mobilization has triumphed. The people's mobilization, together with the political crisis, began in November. In the middle of winter, with temperatures 20 degrees below zero, people never left the square and the streets, despite bloody repressive attacks that left hundreds dead and wounded. Now a new political moment opens. Russia intervenes militarily in Crimea.

The demonstrations began repudiating the Yanukovych government's decision to cancel the association agreement with the European Union (EU) and reaching another financial agreement with Russia. The bosses opposition to Yanukovych's government, headed by pro-European former Prime Minister Julia Timoshenko (who was in prison), demanded entry to the EU. Popular sectors supported this because they have illusions that this could improve the catastrophic economic situation and they expect it will be easier to migrate to Western Europe.

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What is going on in Venezuela?


En las protestas posteriores al 12 de febrero han muerto seis personas más, se estima que casi doscientas personas han sido heridas de bala y perdigones, la mayoría como resultado de las acciones de los grupos parapoliciales y la GNB

By Simón Rodríguez Porras (Partido Socialismo y Libertad-Venezuela) - 23-2-2014

The images of thousands of protesters on the streets of the main cities in Venezuela, the military deployment, the armed actions of civil groups, the government's denouncements of a coup from one end and the accusations from the patronal opposition leadership of what they consider new evidence of the fact that the political regime is dictatorial on the other have been globally disseminated over the past two weeks. Whoever tries to comprehend the situation we are going through notes that the presentation of the events are so thoroughly intertwined with the propaganda of each disputing faction that it is hard to assume a critical position. It could be said that this same situation itself is not new, 12 years after the coup attempt that inaugurated an acute political polarisation. Nevertheless the distance that separates the current situation from that of 2002 is such that in many aspects it is its antithesis.

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Let's repudiate the imperialist intervention in Syria


Asistimos a una nueva farsa de “intervención humanitaria” por el uso de “armas de destrucción masiva”, como si la masacre química fuera cualitativamente más grave que los más de 100.000 muertos por las bombas convencionales del régimen durante los dos últimos años

It was announced thatthe United Stateswould be readyfor an attackon Syria, which could be imminent. To do this they have severalwarships andsubmarinesin the Mediterraneanarmed withcruise missiles andaircraft atvarious basesin the areawith the capacityto bombSyrian territory. They would countwith thebacking ofBritain, France, some Arab governments(SaudiArabia, Qatar) and Turkey. They would performthis actionon the groundsthat the Syrian regimeis "unconscionable"forusing "chemical weapons".

We are witnessing a newfarceof "humanitarian intervention"for the use of"weaponsof mass destruction", as if thechemicalslaughterwerequalitatively moreserious thanthe more than 100,000killed by theregime'sconventionalbombsduringthe last two yearsin the popularneighbourhoodsofHoms,Damascus andAleppo.United Statesand Israeldo not havean optionto ensureits control, neither the regimenora "moderate" wingof the opposition; therefore, the aim ofthe intervention is not tooverthrowBasharorto destabilizethe balance of forcesin the war –the goal isto continuethe destruction ofSyria.

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Whither the "Arab Spring"?


Sigue la movilización y la voluntad de lucha de las masas. Siendo así, es posible derrotar esta ofensiva de la contrarrevolución

The coup and the brutal repression of the military in Egypt and the release of former dictator Mubarak pose questions in thousands of fighters in the world. Is the process of the Arab Spring ending? To this we must add new criminal actions of Bashar al-Assad in the indefinite Syrian civil war. Is the cycle of successful revolutions that toppled dictators in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya closing? Are we faced with the danger of a bloody counterrevolution triumph, at least in Egypt, imposing a regional retreat to the revolutionary process open in early 2011?

By Miguel Sorans, Leader of the International Workers Union – Fourth International IWU–FI).

There are several facts that show progress of the counter-revolutionary forces and agents of imperialism. In Egypt there has been a counter-revolutionary coup and the dictator Mubarak has managed to get out of jail and move to house arrest.

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