8M - International Day of Women Workers: Let the earth tremble with the #FeministStrike


8M 2019For: IUW-FI

In a lot of countries the feminist movement is organising the new international strike for our rights. With meetings and assemblies, we get ready to promote a new internationalist, anti-patriarchy and anti-capitalist day of struggle and mobilisation to get our demands.

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Venezuela: We do not support Trump, Macri and Bolsonaro's interventionism. We do not recognize Guaidó's self-proclaimed pro-American government. Notwithstanding we do not support politically Maduro's civic-military starving government


Venezuela 2For: UIT-CI

As international socialists, we strongly reject the American political interventionism in Venezuela, by the ultra-reactionary Trump that promptly recognized as president Juan Guaido. 

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Solidarity with the popular rebellion of the "yellow vests" in France



"Paris burns" has been the headline of different journalistic media, reflecting the consequences of the popular demonstration of the so-called "yellow vests" on Saturday, 1 December in the capital of France. Thousands, on the streets of Paris and across the country, faced and overflowed the police repression of the conservative government of Macron.

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25 November: international day against violence against women:We must keep on the streets for #NiUnaMenos


Basta de violencia machistaBy:IWU-FI

58 years ago the Mirabal sisters were assassinated by the genocidal dictatorship of General Trujillo in Dominican Republic. Patria, Minerva and Maria Teresa were kidnapped, tortured and killed for rebelling against a genocidal state and seeking to break the standard role assigned to women. In their memory, 25 November has been established as an international day of struggle against violence against women where we will take to the streets to shout #NiUnaMenos, we want us alive, against all forms of gender violence, stop discriminating against women in salaries and for legal, safe and free abortion.

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