Joint statement of Syrian Democratic Left Party and Workers Democracy Party, Turkey for the situation in Siria

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siriyaOur parties reviewed the situation in the northern Syrian region and the risk of another explosion of the situation especially in Idlib where Russians and Iranians with the Syrian regime are willing to occupy this liberated area which will cause the killing of thousands of Syrian children, women and others and which could result in displacement of one million according to UN and Human Rights organizations, when Russians are claiming that they are willing and trying to help displaced Syrians to return to their homes which proves their hypocrisy.

According to the recent agreement between Turkish and Russian governments it is decided to halt an immediate attack on Idlib and to establish a secure zone expulsing the extremist Islamic forces from the populated areas. However,as the intervening powers in the region continuously change their positions on Syrian affair according their governmental interests, it can't be assumed as assured the safety of the 3,5 million habitants of Idlib. So, we condemn any attempt and/or provocation to ignite the region from any part and call all international workers' and popular organizations to work for a democratic revolutionary solution to the Syrian civil war and against any foreign intervention.

Both parties note the grief situation of Syrian prisoners and detainees in Syrian regime' prisons especially when the Syrian regime released new names of those who died in his prisons under torture which reached up to 14.800 according to official sources and up to 48.000 according to some estimates and till now scores of prisoners and detainees are being tortured to death in his prisons by his so called security agencies.

Before this grave situation, we call all international workers' and popular organizations to demand the following:

1 - the release of dead prisoners' bodies as per international laws and Human Rights declaration and even the Syrian laws.

2 - the immediate release of all prisoners accused of taking part in the revolution and putting those responsible for their death on trial.

Syrian Democratic Left Party and Workers Democracy Party /UIT-CI, Turkey

November, 2018


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