STATEMENT OF THE COORDINATING COMMITTEE IWU-FI/ILS Long live the struggle of the Brazilian people!

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Protestas en Bello Horizonte el 26-6-2013 frente al estadio Mineirao

Millions of Brazilians have won the streets of over 300 cities, making the largest demonstration in the history of this country, the largest, most populous and important in Latin America. Although for two years there has been a significant process of partial struggles of workers, almost no one expected this sudden outburst. The spark that caused the explosion was the increase of 20 cents of Brazilian Real (BRL) in urban transport prices. But obviously this was not the only or the main cause of discontent accumulated.

The increase in transport was canceled in major cities last week, and yet the next day the mobilization was even greater. This mobilization did not have or has a recognized leadership. It was convened largely by young people from Facebook. People in the streets denouncing the corruption of the national government headed by Dilma Rousseff / PT [Workers Party] and the governments of the States (PT, PMDB [Brazilian Democratic Movement Party], PSDB [Brazilian Social Democracy Party], etc.), especially in relation to the pharaonic works for the World Cup, with waste of billions of dollars that will leave no legacy for working people, but allow large deals between FIFA, builders and corrupt politicians.

Slogans such as: "I want health, I want education, it does not matter if Brazil becomes champion!" Or "Let FIFA pay my fee" are predominant in the streets. In the most football (soccer) fanatic country in the world, these slogans show the leap in consciousness occurred in the mobilized masses.

On June 20 the streets and the cities belonged to the people

The government lost control of the situation. President Dilma Rousseff of the PT, as well as governors, mayors, Parliament and the traditional parties took a huge hit. The rulers, who had ordered to quell the protests, all they achieved was to enlarge them. Then PT leaders spoke of a "coup of the right" and even "international conspiracy". But, after the historic mobilization of June 20, Rousseff, scared, started saying protesters were right and one had to listen to them. She even met with leaders of the Free Pass Movement, one of the youth groups that initiated the protests by Facebook. And she went on to propose a pact with the governors and the mayors of the capitals where once more she proposed a series of generalities like to call a plebiscite for political reform, a move the next day, the government itself began to back down.

She did not propose any of the solutions that the people on the street demand. She spoke of more budget for health and education, but keeps the privatization of hospitals and public schools and universities are increasingly worse, while US$ 450 billion, 42% of the federal budget goes to pay principal and interest on the debt.

Without political leadership, with much confusion, but with the strength that give the massive marches and supported by the sympathy of the majority of the population, the Brazilian youth came out to repudiate traditional parties.

Taking advantage of this wave, small sectors of far right wing attacked left columns participant in these acts, wounding several comrades. We sympathize with the attacked comrades and repudiate the groups who with fascist methods attempt to liquidate the mobilization, like the government. So we must not fall into the trap of governing sectors, such as those led by leaders of the PT and PCdoB [Communist Party of Brazil] who on Friday 21 convened in Sao Paulo to a meeting with unions, social organizations and leftist currents under the guise of "fighting fascism "when in fact they are looking to raise ghosts to curb the gigantic mobilization process.

Giving continuity to the mobilization!

Dilma and the PT, as well as the PCdoB (which is part of the government) are no longer of the left. They rule with right of the PMDB, the imperialist transnationals, with bankers, with landowners of agribusiness, same as other Latin American governments, including the assumed progressive ones as Cristina Kirchner, or the so-called "socialism of the XXI century" as Mature , Correa, Ortega and Evo Morales. Thus now they want the poorest people and the whole of the workers pay the bill for the international capitalist crisis and are increasingly turning to imperialism. They are all dropping the mask of "progressive", "leftist" or "socialist"! The revolt of the Brazilian people is part of the worldwide revolt against capitalist adjustment. The Brazilians themselves on the streets expressed it well: "Brazil became Turkey." Beyond what happens in the next few days, nothing will be the same in Brazil. Millions have proven their strength, have realized that the rulers do not serve the people, and I will not accept that ruling continue as before.

That is why we support the just mobilization of the Brazilian people. The Brazilian revolutionary left has to remain on the streets next to the popular mobilization. We must demand that the call for a National Day of struggle for July 11, by the various union federations, be organized and enforced it. In this regard we support the statement CST - Current Socialist Workers of PSOL, which advocates, among other slogans: "Money for health and education, not for the Cup! Municipalization of public transport with free passes for students and unemployed! Suspend payment of the debt to the bankers and direct those resources to social areas! Jail for the corrupt! Unity of those who fight! For higher wages and better working conditions! That the Central and Union Federations call a general strike! Organize the struggle coordinating between the Free Pass Movement of Sao Paulo, Rio's struggles forum, and other movements of all states. And for that, to continue in the streets and form grassroots Committees for the fight in universities, study centers, workplaces, and neighborhoods."

We call on the trade unions and popular organizations in Latin America and the world to give an opinion, to disseminate the causes of popular struggle in Brazil, and send messages of solidarity to the organizations that are fighting alongside the Brazilian people.

IWU-FI/ILC Coordinating Committee

International Workers Union – Fourth International (IWU-FI)

International Liaison Committee (ILC, Internationalist Fight Spanish state – Workers Front, Turkey).

June 25, 2013


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